Belvedere Bridge: Connecting The Wharfs

cph_bb_01Last week the wings of an eagle landed on Copenhagen’s South HarborSydhavnen, metaphorically speaking, spanning the Belvedere Canal. The opening of yet another pedestrian and cycle bridge, the Belvedere Bridge is another piece in the puzzle connecting Enghave and Frederik’s Wharf.  Although the breadth of the canal is a modest 25 meters, the bridge offers locals and visitors to this rapidly developing neighborhood, more than just a shortcut, but also a glimpse into Copenhagen’s past and future. The architectural studio, SLA architects are behind the playful design of the Belvedere Bridge, combining folded steel plates, a reference to South Harbor’s industrial past, to the rubber coated inner shell to cope with the modern demands of bike traffic. And to give an extra spice, the outer steel plates are coated in a lucious deep red color competing with its imposing neighbor, H. C Ørsted Power station. Remarkably, this sympathetic project is a temporary solution until final the link over Frederiksholm Canal is completed in 2018. Belvedere Bridge is just another example of how Copenhagen is developing and designing unique and poetic links along the city’s waterfront. Long may it continue.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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