Transitional Dwellings: A Place To Be

cph_tc_00Stumbling upon Jane Ostermman-Petersen‘s transitional dwellings was as unexpected as welcome. Sitting on the terrace of one of her dwellings, with Jane, on an Indian Summers day with a sky so blue, it was difficult to grasp our location. Refhaleøen, this vast bastion of Copenhagen’s former maritime glory is today a playground, a laboratory for creative and experimental souls like Jane, exploring solutions for modern urban dwellers. Jane, a contemporary artist has defined our notion of space by experimenting with flexible dwellings that can be assembled and moved to various locations. A wooded nook, a beach-house to a shelter on the edge of our urban landscapes, the possibilities are immense. Jane’s fascination with scale, materials  and a sustainable approach to our spatial requirements is refreshing as the breeze coming in from Copenhagen’s waterfront. The concept of the transitional dwellings are intended as singular modules rather than colonies. Egen Vinding & Datter are responsible for the actual construction work and since 1980 have built a healthy reputation for durable and sustainable building techniques. Egen Vinding & Datter and Jane Ostermman-Pedersen have developed a unique collaboration and understanding.

The emergence of cabin architecture in recent years is a natural response to the demands of living in urban environments and its ever-growing complexity. The need for minimalistic, constrained spaces nurtured with care are becoming increasingly welcome, where an urban dweller can re-wind, re-charge and reflect. Jane Ostermman-Petersen project re-defines our perception of what we think we need and discovering to live with less can be a luxury and enriching.

Anyone contemplating inspiration for a transitional dwelling as a supplement to urban living, would be wise visiting this unique site.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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