Mykita Eyes Copenhagen

CPH_MYKITA_01Standing next to Moritz Krueger,the Creative Director at Mykita, the Berlin-based eyewear manufacturer, at the official opening of their first store in Copenhagen, one is immediately impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for a brand he co-founded 14 years ago. Mykita’s humble birth began at the Paris Fair in 2002, with the presentation of the first generation of hand-crafted eye frames, propelling Mykita into the limelight and the rest is history. I asked Moritz, why Mykita had chosen Copenhagen for their latest retail site and his reply was refreshingly honest. Personal ties with a city he clearly bonds with and the natural design references that link Berlin and Copenhagen so profoundly together.

Mykita are not only renowned for pioneering materials for their eyewear design, but have also developed a unique retail concept combining industrial components and redefining them in minimalistic retail environments that keep the focus on what matters – innovative eyewear. Storytelling is a strong feature of Mykita’s store design with flight trolleys being used as storage units. Hopefully, Mykita’s refreshing approach will challenge the otherwise conservative world of opticians in Copenhagen.

The choice of Grønnegade, one of Copenhagen’s most endeared and visited streets fits well with the Mykita brand. The small-scale, heritage listed building resonates with Mykita’s signature back-lit wall panels that are eye-catching for passers-by. It is commendable that Moritz and the crew at Mykita have invested their unique design brand in Copenhagen at a time when the physical retail environments are being challenged by on-line platforms. Mykita officially opened on the 1st. September.

Photo credits: Mykita & Alastair Philip Wiper

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