Sluseholmen: Work In Progress

CPH_2450_01CPH City & Port Development recently released aerial views of Copenhagen’s harbor that are not only stunning, but show the progress of the city’s residential projects, especially in Sluseholmen and Teglholmen. Indeed, South Harbor’s skyline is now punctuated by that most blessed of sights, the building crane, with extensive development in Sluseholmen’s southern area and Teglholmen undergoing similar growth along the waterfront.

10 years ago, the first residential islands, Birkholm and Fyrholm were welcoming their first home-owners, myself among them and since then, this part of South Harbor has blossomed into one of Copenhagen’s most popular communities. After a decade, Sluseholmen’s identity is slowly, but surely transforming into residential neighborhood that has maintained its maritime atmosphere embraces different family structures and ethnicities and has become a template for urban development.

Photo credits: By & Havn / Ole Malling

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