Piece by Piece: A Caregiver’s Story

I’m sitting at the cocktail bar at Bridges in Ubud together with my wife, Jette and our Bali-based friend, Susan. The rain is coming down angrily at 90 degree angles, but this tropical downpour cannot diminish the stunning location and ambience. Perched, almost suspended in our own luscious rain forest, drinks served, our conservation dwells on a theme that has engaged us during our stay in Bali. Susan, a successful business woman and jewelry designer, recently published an e-book, Piece by Piece: Love in the Land of Alzheimer’s, in which she honestly and candidly describes her life as a caregiver, during the final fourteen years of her marriage to Bob, when Alzheimer’s cruelly captured their lives. The book was followed by a TEDx talk this May, in which Susan movingly engages with her audience, sharing her experiences and insights of being a caregiver and building a caring and functional environment for Bob. My conversations with Susan during my stay in Bali brought home how often we fail to acknowledge and support the needs of caregivers. Susan’s own story, is one of a dedicated woman tendering the daily needs of loved soulmate which will be a constant inspiration.

Video credits: Susan Tereba and TEDxUbud


Susan and Bob´s story is about following one’s dreams, travel, adventure, and finding humor and insights in life’s challenges. Above all, this is a story of enduring love.

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