The Day Great Britain Became Little England

Last week I was fortunate to spend a few days in a beautiful corner of England, Norfolk, nurturing friendships and discussing the then up and coming Brexit referendum. Walking around this wealthy, coastal oasis, I noticed an unnerving large amount of Vote Leave posters, not one Vote Remain. I knew then we were in trouble. Back in Copenhagen, the day after the vote and sitting in my dentist’s waiting room with my dentist, Bent, my chipped tooth treatment set aside, trying to come to terms with the new situation in the UK. It felt like we had just lost a dear friend, And that sense of disbelief and bewilderment has been the tone in Copenhagen since last Friday´s referendum results. Most Danes that I know, have strong affiliations with the UK and as we watch a nation rudderless, any flirtations of a Dexit have for now, been tempered. However, there are lessons to be learnt. Thousands of young entrepreneurial British voters angry and disillusioned with the outcome are now contemplating their futures in a country that appears hell bent on turning the clock back to the 1970’s.

As we try to an unravel the consequences, it’s time for cool heads and warm hearts. It is also time to engage and educate young voters the value of being part of dynamic EU and to honor Jo Cox’s vision for an inclusive and tolerant UK.

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