Finding Solace Between Still And Moving

CPH_SW_01With the Brexit result still stinging and the sound of my dentist’s piercing drill echoing in a troubled head, I was desperate to find some solace on a balmy day in Copenhagen. My refuge was the gallery, Kant, with its first solo exhibition, Between Still And Moving by the Danish artist, Susanne Wellm. Susanne’s artistic platform is the camera and yet her work is much more. Using the photograph as a canvas, layers are added resulting in intimate visual sonnets. Susanne’s compositions took me away to a time and place that was familiar and yet foreign. Two compositions resonated with me. A trilogy of portraits somehow connected, not only through the warm hues, but some genetic link re-visited and lost possibilities. Between Still And Moving is a collection of stories that opens doors to the viewer’s imagination, none more than “The Blue Room.” Images of the empty space overlapping, with daylight slipping into the room from none visible windows. Absorbing this work I found, temporarily, solace on a troubled day.

Visit Kant in Copenhagen and explore Susanne Wellm’s universe and find your interpretations of a very personal collection.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


2 thoughts on “Finding Solace Between Still And Moving

  1. Thanks Dawn for your kind words. I took the photo of the bike bridge on a bitterly cold day in November with an iPhone. Best Phillip

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