Copenhagen: The Seaplane Has Landed

CPH_Seaplane_01It came from the south-west, swooping around my hood, Sluseholmen, like a friendly bird showing off its flying skills. Copenhagen’s first seaplane service connecting Denmark’s two largest cities was about to make its first official landing. Copenhagen has at long last joined that exclusive club of harbor cities such as Vancouver and Sydney that exploit their natural resources by transporting commuters, tourists or just plain old air nautical enthusiasts by seaplane quickly, with a romantic twist.

This remarkable initiative, the brainchild of Lars Erik Nielsen and Lasse Rungholm has elegantly tapped in to Copenhagen and Aarhus’ unique geographical locations and at the same time help solve the growing challenges of commuting to both city centers under an hour, competing with three hours by rail or car. Nordic Seaplanes have ambitious plans of extending the service from the current four daily departures from Nodre Toldbod in Copenhagen, just a hop, skip and jump from the Citadel and The Little Mermaid and establish terminal facilities worthy of such a project. Its projects like this that will propel Copenhagen’s brand internationally, cementing the city’s reputation as a creative metropolis, continually seeking to solve urban and transport challenges.

As the Havilland Twin motor DHC-6 Otter, with its characteristic red and white fuselage began its take-off on a beautiful May afternoon, I found myself beaming along with the countless onlookers. Thanks, Lars and Lasse.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills




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