Popping back up: Amazon Web Services’ Loft returns to London

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This week sees the return of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Pop-up Loft to London. A pop-up version of the more permanent Lofts in San Francisco and New York, the temporary community/events space is designed to help businesses discover AWS. It’s also a great example of a company creating links with its customers and owning those relationships.

While Amazon the retailer is almost universally known, the company has taken an on-the-ground approach to building up wider awareness of its AWS cloud computing platform from Amazon.com. The company’s services are already used by the likes of Netflix, Airbnb, Samsung, Adobe and Dow Jones, with the Lofts particularly targeting startups.

Open April 18th-28th, the London Loft is for anyone interested in learning about AWS. You can access free AWS technical training, use the free co-working facilities, book free one-to-one support with AWS experts, and enjoy free coffee and Wi-Fi access.

The AWS Loft will also host a programme of sessions from demos and presentations to hands-on workshops and bootcamps. Topics include the Internet of Things, Mobile, Big Data, HPC and Security.

Newly added for this year’s pop-up are the AWS Support professionals who will be on hand to offer guidance and information on the company’s services, with 1:1 sessions available with technical staff. There’s also the chance to meet with AWS’ Training Partners QA and Global Knowledge.

There are plenty of ways that your company can benefit from a visit, not least in terms of being able to tap into some free expertise from a big name. But it’s also interesting to step back and think about what AWS is doing with the Loft. This is a promotional, rather than sales, space. By offering free access, informative sessions and the opportunity to ask questions of experts, AWS have made people want to visit and find out more. The short-lived nature of the project, plus the publicity from the other Lofts, also adds to potential customers’ desire to visit.

AWS have already run similar short-term pop-ups in Berlin and Tel Aviv, and it will be of no surprise if more cities follow. Watch this space (if you can’t visit it).

By Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Photo credits: Amazon Web Services

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