Copenhagen: Under Knippels Bridge

CPH_UNDER_01You could be forgiven for confusing the name Rosforth & Rosforth with some illustrious Scottish lawyers firm, housed in prudent offices in Edinburgh’s Haymarket rather than the hip wine enthusiasts providing Copenhagen with biodynamic and organic wines from under the city’s very own Knippels Bridge. Since 2001, this novel location, literally on Copenhagen’s waterfront, has been supplying the city’s finest innovative restaurants with an array of wines imported and shipped from the wine districts of France, notably Loire. Rosforth & Rosforth’s slightly eccentric location is based on sound and sympathetic logic, as each year the engineless 3 masted schooner, Tres Hombres, transports a cargo of 12.000 bottles of biodynamic wine gathered from the best  wine growers of the Loire valley straight to the waterfront at Knippels Bridge.

The modest facilities are mainly geared for its wholesale activities to Copenhagen’s restaurants, however, every Saturday, from noon to late afternoon, those curious souls wandering under Knippels Bridge are invited to taste some latest addition to their already impressive wine list and their unpretentious surroundings are transformed into a blissful haven. For wine lovers and enthusiasts of authentic locations, this is for you.

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