Refshaleøen, Flying Under Copenhagen’s Radar

CPH_REF_01There are those neighborhoods that have the knack of flying under the radar, quite happy basking in the shadows of their neighboring districts. San Francisco’s Dogpatch comes into mind. On first appearances this earlier industrial outpost appears devoid of personality, but behind those facades is a beehive of hip creativity. The same can be said of Copenhagen’s northern peninsula, Refshaleøen once the proud home of Denmark’s shipbuilding industry, now a vast space dotted with industrial buildings home to Copenhagen’s creative souls and a playground for event managers. The peninsular was originally reclaimed land and in the 1900’s this wasteland became the workplace for thousands of Danes producing the worlds first turbine powered ocean liners. The Burmeister & Wain shipyard closed in the 1990’s ending Copenhagen’s proud history as a major shipbuilding epicenter. Today, Refshaleøen is attracting diverse talents from design studios to large scale events tapping into an industrial past with a unique location. Its not so surprising that Matt Orlando, one of the former legendary chefs behind Noma, choose Refshaleøen for his own solo project, Amass that opened its doors 3 years ago to Copenhagen’s already spoilt restaurant goers.

With its wonderful and unique location, Refhalesøen’s future will undoubtedly come under the developers loop. Until then, roam and explore its past glories and enjoy the views of the gateway into Copenhagen’s harbor.

Photos credits: Phillip Mills

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