The Cisterns: That Dream Of Peace

CPH_EK_00The Cisterns in Søndermarken have done it again. This unique exhibition space has found a worthy successor to follow last years wonderful Cronhammer’s installation, H. The Danish artist, Eva Koch has composed a poetic installation, That Dream Of Peace utilizing the dark and damp of the catacombs of The Cisterns. Eva’s work brings into play the symbols of peace from a distant century torn by global war, doves and poppies into the bowels of Copenhagen. The central piece, a 15 meter long installation almost spanning the breadth of The Cisterns shows film sequences of poppy fields harking back to the end of the First World War occasionally interrupted by melancholic black and white footage of children playing in some urban landscape in the 1930’s, unaware of what is about to come. Strong and poignant imagery that reflects todays global conflicts. This piece is supported by several projected doves, hovering and fluttering around a landscape of darkness.

That Dream Of Peace can be experienced at The Cisterns until 30th. November 2016

Photo & Video credits: Eva Koch & Anders Sune Berg






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