Wefood: Amager Take A Bow

CPH_WE_04For the past couple of weeks, Copenhagen and especially the island, Amager has been attracting national and international media attention with the opening of Denmark’s first social supermarket selling surplus food. With Danes throwing out a depressing 700.000 tonnes of food each year, the Wefood supermarket, run by the Danish humanitarian organization, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp has brought admirable attention to the growing problem of food waste. With products nearing their “best before” date, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp along with NGO movement “Stop Wasting Food” have tapped into an interesting concept that has caught the imagination of Copenhagen’s consumers. All shoppers are welcome to the supermarket, not only to the environmentally aware resident, but also the consumer struggling to make ends meet. All profits from this original enterprise will be going to poorest regions of our planet struggling with hunger.

If the Wefood supermarket project on Amager is a success, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp plan is to open other similar stores across the land. We maybe only in our third week, but the sight of empty shelves can only mean this sympathetic and socially important project is already a roaring success. Amager is quite used to its noisy neighbor, Copenhagen bathe in the glare of international adoration, but on a cold, damp Monday in February, it was Amager taking a bow.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills





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