TAP1: Copenhagen’s Chocolate Festival

CPH_TAP_00As Copenhagen’s culinary elite was celebrating yet another impressive catch of 20 golden Michelin stars, the city’s residents and visitors were preparing for another assault to their taste buds with the opening of the Copenhagen Chocolate Festival. Copenhagen is experiencing a renaissance in culinary events in recent years focusing on harbor harvested oysters, a wealth of microbreweries and handcrafted organic chocolates. This weekend sees Denmark’ s and international chocolate sommeliers descend onto TAP1, which is located in the Carlsberg district and is a popular venue hosting large scale festivals and events.

As the queues at the 40 odd stalls were growing handsomely my attention was drawn to Cocoa Runners. the London based company who have impressively explored the globe’s finest handcrafted chocolate and combined a  fine “library selection” of over 500 bars. With a modest monthly subscription, chocolate lovers can tap into delights from Peru to Papa New Guinea. On a smaller scale, Annie Dunlop’s fudge was attracting a lot of attention. The tartan packaging revealed Annie’s recipes, i.e. Western Scotland though now based in Sweden. Annie’s rich handcrafted “tablets” flavored with an array of whiskies, proved to be a popular feature. Away from the intentional scene, my senses were however, drawn to the Danish product, Oialla with its strong minimalist presence. Relatively young on the chocolate scene,  Oialla, has since 2010, been attracting international attention with its pure and intense chocolate based on Beniano beans from Bolivia and the curiosity and technique from their chef, Rasmus Bo Bøjesen, who is no stranger to the odd Michelin star.

Photo credits: TAP1 and Oialla




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