Rabens Saloner: Bohemian Elegance

cph_RS_02To be perfectly honest I wasn’t to sure what to expect entering Rabens Saloner. For once I put aside my research and relied on a tip from my colleague, Jørgen, who has an uncanny knack of pointing me in the right direction of architectural and retail treasures. Rabens Saloner was no exception. Tucked away in Møntergade, in the heart of Copenhagen, this unique brand of fashion, accessories and furniture has been capturing international attention since opening its doors in March last year. Walking into the space was like walking onto a luscious film set somewhere in Hanoi and orchestrated to the finest detail, a mix of Eastern promise and Nordic style. It was no surprise to do discover that the interiors were a collaboration between the owner and creative force behind Rabens Saloner, Birgitte Raben Olrik and scenographer, Peter Grant. The use of materials, fabrics and color are naturally inspired from her travels in the East. Warm and vibrant hues are mixed skillfully creating an element of bohemian elegance.

Wandering around the space with my attentive store host, Eva, I was taken back almost 30 years ago criss-crossing the paddy fields around Ubud on Bali discovering small workshops masterfully producing wooden artifacts and furniture. And then it struck me. Every item I had just experienced at Rabens Saloner had been hand-made, hand-plucked and precisely displayed, a homage to craftsmanship. Thanks to Eva and Rabens Saloner for a unique customer experience and bringing back some fond memories.

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