Impact Farm Sprouting in Copenhagen


The concept of pop-ups is nothing new. Since 2008 pop-ups have helped the retail industry navigate out of the economical crisis, injecting new blood in city centers, giving niche and established brands a stage to engage with a new audience. The concept of temporary installations in our urban landscapes has endless possibilties, also in urban farming. Impact Farm Copenhagen, an urban farming enterprise is the product of Human Habitat, the Copenhagen based studio whose approach to architecture and urban design is embodied in sustainable and ecological principles. The Impact Farm Copenhagen installation, located in the Hans Tavsen’s Park in the diverse neighborhood of Nørrebro, highlights the challanges of high-quality food production in dense populated urban areas.

The self-sufficient 50m² urban greenhouse, re-using shipping containers as part of the construction is not new, with Boxpark in Shoreditch, London shining the way.  Built with re-cycled materials, it is designed for easy assembly and is best utilized in under achieving urban spaces. The self-sufficient installation was planted in Nørrebro in November last year and will be producing pesticide-free greens and herbs for most of 2016. It is hoped that by this Spring, Impact Farm will be selling it’s produce to Nørrebro’s local residents, cafes and restaurants at the same location.

This sympathetic project, founded and nutured by Ronnie Markussen and Mikkel Kjær is another unique example of entrepreneurial sustainable urban design, utilizing Copenhagen’s spaces and connecting it’s residents with something they all cherish, food.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills and Human Habitat

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