Copenhagen’s Citadel, Frozen In Time

cph_kast_01With a mini melt down in prospect, Copenhagen has been flaunting some of its most exquisite features before the ice disappears. The Citadel has long been one of Copenhagen’s most treasured spaces, not only with the thousands of tourists that visit the area each year, but with the city’s residents. The star-shaped Citadel was formed into Copenhagen’s northern defense fortifications in the 1660’s and is still today an active garrison. Part military, part public park space, The Citadel is a haven for wild fowl and an array of herbs and continues to lure the locals for yearly picnics. During the winter, the fortifications are transfixed, frozen in time and ice as if the 352 years never existed. Walk along the ramparts and discover Copenhagen’s skyline with the dome of the Marble Church dominating.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills



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