Copenhagen: The KADK Library


Tom Waits once growled, “It’s colder than a grave-digger’s ass”, he could have been describing Copenhagen this weekend. The city has gone into freeze mode and thoughts of hibernation linger. The seasonal freeze has seen Copenhagen’s libraries providing warmth and solace for the city’s homeless and refugees seeking some kind of respite from an unforgiving climate. In 2009, when the economic climate was ravaging the building and construction sector, I joined the legions of redundant architects and designers and for 275 long days struggled to find my way back. During that challenging time, I found my own solace by weekly pilgrimages from Sluseholmen to what was then, the BSA Library, now The KADK Library. Located on Holmen, the library is an integral part of the campus of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design & Conservation and supports these academic disciplines after the schools merged in 2011.

The KADK Library offers free access to Denmark’s most extensive collections and data base to the general public, making it a valuable haven for visitors to Copenhagen interested in architecture and design. This wonderful building is worth visit anytime of the year regardless of the climatic situation. You can find this little jewel on
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 50.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills and KADK







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