Popping-up In Berlin

cph_BERLIN_01Back in Berlin for a seasonal visit and I’m curious what this sprawling and fragmented city has been up to. Although Berlin and Copenhagen are so different on so many levels, the northern European taste buds of these two cities are very similar. Ask any Dane what they would take with them if they were a castaway on desert island, they will undoubtedly choose two things, ryebread and liquorice. Lakrids, <Liquorice>, the Danish company, has been perfecting organic liquorice to new gourmet levels since 2007 and is now a well established brand in Scandinavia. The company’s dynamic owner and entrepreneur, Johan Bülow has built up a brand that is now finding its way in outlets from Dubai to New York and now apparently in Berlin. The Bikini Concept Shopping Mall, close to the Tiergarten, is a unique retail space that is a welcome break from traditional shopping centers as it provides pop-up space for niche brands and young entrepreneurs to test their products in a refreshing urban setting. Lakrids has since October been presenting their liquorice products to a new inquisitive customer and will continue to do so well into 2016.

Another pop-up space well worth a visit in the Bikini Concept Shopping Mall, is The Foundry, a Berlin based design agency has also found a perfect pop-up space to promote its design and graphic talents. The design agency, internationally renowned for its multi-disciplined design approach to promoting high quality goods to a broad and knowledgeable audience. This exhibition space has given all of it’s design team the opportunity to stage it’s range of disciplines to Berlin’s locals and visitors. Much of the space is dedicated to it’s most popular product, the EGO e-bike. The Foundry will be on show until the end of February before moving onto new pastures in Berlin.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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