Israel’s Plads: A Public Square to Be Proud Of

cph_IP_01In the summer, Israel’s Plads, <Israel’s Square> is a vibrant public square that brings together Nørreport’s local residents, co-workers and pupils from the nearby N. Zahle School in one tremendous mosaic of urban diversity. Located in the city’s inner city, the square was completed last year as part of an ambitious plan revitalizing this area. It was yet again COBE Architects who were behind its conception, a studio that has truly stamped its creative authority in this area. Israel’s Square links wonderfully with the busy Torvehallerne marketplace and the classical Ørsted’s Park. The square’s contemporary designs nestles easily on it’s former historical past as Copenhagen’s central vegetable market. Today, Israel’ Square’s 12.500m² playfully invite visitors to engage with its space, either as a participant or an intrigued spectator.

On a mild December day, walking across an empty Israel’s Square, the sun shimmered over the surface and it melted beautifully with the nearby park. I doubt there is a public space in Copenhagen that has been so successful in uniting a playground, a meeting place and a transit space all in one go.

After the completion of the square, the memorial stone presented to Denmark by Israel in recognition of Denmark’s contribution of helping Danish Jews escape to Sweden during WWII was restored. Copenhagen has yet again a public square to be proud of.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills

4 thoughts on “Israel’s Plads: A Public Square to Be Proud Of

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