Black Still Sparkling On Gammel Kongevej

cph_BLACK_01Gammel Kongevej has long been a vital nerve, linking Copenhagen’s fashionable districts of Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. This popular thoroughfare has over recent years undergone significant traffic modernizations in a attempt to accommodate the demands of pedestrians, cyclists and car owners. One could debate the result, especially the dimensions of the bike lanes, however recent visits suggest that Gammel Kongevej’s diverse retailers, restaurants and cafés are flourishing. There is definitely a feeling that Gammel Kongevej’s earlier reputation of being distant and aloof is being rejuvenated by creative entrepreneurs.

Renowned for its independent high quality brands, restaurants and cafés, with the likes of Meyers Deli and Sticks & Sushi, Gammel Kongevej is also attracting designers promoting their talents and craftsmanship. The ceramicist and designer, Anne Black, who has developed her own brand of contemporary ceramic household items, since graduating from Kolding Design School in 1996, is a perfect example of the type of designer that have found their shop window on Gammel Kongevej. The Black store is more than a shop window, it is a show case of high quality design items, blending ceramics, with accessories and fashion, nestling side by side. Anne´s eye for mixing materials, texture and an array of brands is a joy to experience. Anne’s ceramics are well known in Copenhagen and have found there way in to many a Danish home and restaurants. Black is a retail and exhibition space well worth a visit as is the sparkling Gammel Kongevej.

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Han Kjøbenhavn

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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