Back In The Pews

cph_christianschurch_00During my years studying at Denmark’s Design School in the 1990´s I spent many an hour in Copenhagen’s array of beautiful churches attempting to catch their perspective and a hint of their soul in my sketchbook. Christian’s Church tightly packed in its own corner of Christianshavn, was by far the most difficult space to capture. There were times when pencil and paper were put aside and I just sat and took in its ambience. Christian’s Church was built in 1759 and originally intended as the spiritual home for the small German community living in this part of Copenhagen. The church has a special theatrical presence with the galleries facing the nave making it a natural choice for religious and non religious events.

And so 20 years later I found myself again back in the pews of this intimate space, which has become a popular choice for classical, choral and acoustic concerts. Stine Bramsen, the former leading gal with the Danish pop band, Alphabeat and now embarked on a solo career, is the latest artist to test the church’s acoustics. Standing before the alter Stine’s voice soared revealing not only her own talent but exposing Christian’s Church unique presence

This architectural gem has an endearing quality by not only bringing different faiths together and attracting spiritual leaders, such as the Dalai Lama, but also being a stage for Copenhagen’s diverse musical and cultural talents.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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