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cph_IN THE FOYER_01A day when the Gods decided to have some fun with Copenhagen, first by dumping fat wet snow on the city and then spicing things up by sending gushing cold blasts of wind from some distant hostile northern fjord. My refuge came from an unlikely source, the foyer of The Royal Opera House. Previous spontaneous attempts of visiting this prestigious and spacious foyer have failed often met with a frosty look leading me to speculate what a wasted space and opportunity. But not today. Having sailed through grey choppy harbor waters landing almost on The Royal Opera House’s doorstep, it was a relief and a joy to be welcomed by the sight of Olafur Eliasson’s magnificent mirror light sculptors and the warmth of the maple clad outer shell of the auditorium.

What was more pleasing was that the foyer audience was treated to an informal and intimate concert with the guitarist, Jacob Gurevitsch, accompanied wonderfully by Bastian Soelberg on bass, Jacob Andersen on percussion and Henrik Dam Thomsen on cello. The latin inspired music for an hour or so took us on a journey through the streets of Paris, Buenos Aries, Rio de Jenario and Stockholm and for a brief moment the storm outside was forgotten. A wonderful initiative by The Royal Opera House, which hopefully will introduce and engage a new audience to other genres of music in this special space.

And as I write this I’m tuned into Jacob’s melodic debut album “Lovers In Paris”.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills



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  2. Beautiful! Just shared this post with my daughter who just took a job at Stavanger Art Museum in Norway, but might be living in your wonderful city! Thank you for sharing! (God works in mysterious ways–snow storm and all!!)

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