Normann Copenhagen

cph_normann_00Retail spaces devoting their valuable square meters to iconic designs within furniture and lighting are increasingly attracting more tourists than ever before. Any trip to Barcelona would be incomplete without wandering the luscious and atmospheric space at Vinçon absorbing 7 decades of design tradition. Now sadly, this design institution closed it’s doors for the final time this June. However, Normann Copenhagen has been strutting it’s Nordic and international design icons at it’s current location since 2005, this interesting retail space has a growing legion of tourists making their pilgrimage to Østerbro, just a short bike ride from central Copenhagen.

The team behind Normann Copenhagen, Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen have impressively established a reputation for attracting young international design talent presenting their products in their unique flagship store, a former cinema on Østerbrogade. The deep entrance to the main retail exhibition is often wittingly exploited, perfect for events. Maybe it is this first impression, which links Normann Copenhagen and Vinçon admirably together. Normann Copenhagen has tapped in to the growing appetite for Danish and Scandinavian design assembled in such a welcoming retail space offering its customers a rare shopping experience.

I remember vaguely the modest beginnings of the Normann Copenhagen story some 15 years ago and how it has grown since then  with retail outlets in 70 countries selling their design products. Any design or retail specialist, student or customer planning a trip to Copenhagen would be well advised to take that short bike ride.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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