Hail Supermarco

cph_supermarco_02The waiting is over. Supermarco finally opened its doors to a fanfare any roman would have been proud of. The Italian food and wine specialist has been providing restaurants and the thousands of Italians living in Copenhagen with specialties from their homeland since 1980. The arrival of Supermarco in the magnificent renovated steel plate warehouse in Sydhavnen, has been eagerly welcomed by the residents in Sluseholmen and Teglholmen. The spacious 1000m² supermarket with its impressive ceiling height of 11m, offers an Italian gastro experience that would be difficult to find elsewhere in Copenhagen and will undoubtedly attract attention to the local area. With the incessant focus on discount supermarkets the arrival of projects such as Supermarco, introducing Copenhagen’s residents to taste products from Italy’s diverse and rich regions, is a breath of fresh air. Supermarco and Ello Foods should be congratulated for investing in this rejuvenated neighborhood. And if the queues at cashpoints during the first week are anything to go by the future for Supermarco’s investment seems bright.

It’s no surprise that the architects behind the renovation is no other than DesignGroup Architects. This architectural and design firm, based in Copenhagen has for 2 decades have long established their footprint in this part of Copenhagen with numerous projects. For further articles related to Design Group Architects please read the following:

The Architects Behind Teglholmen’s DNA

Photo credits: Phillip Mills





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