Sharing Copenhagen´s Waterfront Run Trail With World Wide WordPress 5km 2015

cph_wwwp5_01As part of the Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5km 2015 run initiative this week, I would like to share my own corner of Copenhagen’s waterfront, ideal for running as there isn´t a traffic light in sight. The run starts in Copenhagen’s new hip neighborhood, Sluseholmen. From there you simply follow the waterfront trail enjoying the morning mist hovering over the water and the swooshing sounds of oars as they glide by. It’s the last day in October and Copenhagen presents itself at its very best, tinted in Autumns golden haze. This running trail has become immensely popular, not only for the locals, but with the tourists staying in Sluseholmen at the many Airbnb possibilities including a houseboat or two.

My run, starts by the canal on Ernie Wilkins Vej in perfect conditions as I head towards the waterfront. Further on, Slusen comes into sight, a lock, which is a popular place for fishing. A hop, skip and jump over the lock, I pass the small dock yard used for refitting former ferries into houseboats. Now on the trail, with the waterfront to my left and high grass to my right moving into my flow. A quick peek over the harbor reveals building cranes punctuating the skyline confirming the positive development in South Harbor.  Arriving at the wonderful and quirky self-built community, Nokken with its array of allotment gardens stands in strong contrast to its neighbor, Havnevigen’s twisting towers and the children’s nursery. The adjoing area, a building site rapidly taking form, is my turning point and I head back south with the Copenhagen skyline at my back.

I finish the run, not quite in “Chariots of Fire” style as the time is irrelavent. The 5km complet, it is time for a dip in the harbor, rewarded with some quality time in the local sauna. Just another Saturday. Share your 5km run whereever it may be.

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Photo credits: Phillip Mills





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