Islands Brygge: A Scent of Roasted Coffee

cph_roast_00I thought I found the perfect brew of coffee on Divisadero in San Francisco at Josey Baker’s & Four Barrels Coffee, The Mill, this year, but happily something near to perfection is simmering almost on my doorstep. Since July, scents of roasted coffee beans has been wafting down Thorshavnsgade luring Copenhagen’s army of coffee aficionados and baristas to the coffee bar, Roast Coffee. The coffee bar’s owner, Andreas Astrup has meticulously created an uncluttered haven, focusing on the art of coffee making. The interiors designed by Andreas himself are minimalistic, but inviting. The small space is wonderfully utilized with the Giesen Roaster a proud focal point. This Dutch masterpiece can roast up to 6 kilos of beans in one go providing the customer and coffee enthusiasts with a perfect cup of coffee. Another twist to the coffee bar is the renaissance of brewing filter coffee. This once unfashionable form of coffee making is being refined by baristas like Andreas producing an interesting alternative taste. Islands Brygge and Copenhagen have just become one coffee bar richer.

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