In The Greenhouse

cph_væksthuset_01There are some places you discover unintentionally, others guided by a friend willing to share their hidden spaces. Rikke, a friend and passionate architect, shared with me some time ago one of her own favorite places, tucked away off Copenhagen’s beaten track in the borough of Frederiksberg. The Royal Danish Veterinarian and Agricultural School’s Garden has become in recent years a haven for Frederiksberg’s locals to chill out during those long nordic summers. The gardens dating back to the mid-1850’s has maintained it’s romantic aura and has over 6.000 different plants elegantly arranged. An added feature is no doubt Café Væksthuset, a converted greenhouse run and owned by the school’s students.

As September melts into October and as shadows grow a little longer and the colors from the plants grow a tint deeper, the garden is a wonderful space to capture the epic transition from an indian summer to a youthful autumn. And if your are lucky, some local jazz quartet will be performing it’s own accompaniment to the scene playing outside. Thanks to Rikke for sharing this glorious space with me.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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