Nørreport: A Public Space That Works

cph_nørreport_00For as long as I can remember, Nørreport has been a raw and chaotic island, caught in central Copenhagen between the city’s medieval past and the urban neighborhood, Nørrebro. The metro, train and S-train station at Nørreport, a vital transport hub for Copenhagen’s commuters, has over 200,000 passengers passing through it daily, with it’s surrounding public space being an important focal point. The last 4 years, Nørreport has undergone a transformation, providing Copenhagen with a public space that can only enhance the city’s reputation for urban planning, architecture and design. The complex project of organizing and designing the infrastructure below and above street level was performed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects and COBE Architects together with Grontmij and Bartenbach LichtLabor.

Not so long ago, Nørreport’s bicycle parking was like a scene from Dante’s Inferno. However, the renovation of the public space around Nørreport Station, based on pedestrian movement studies has organized the space intelligently for Nørreport’s daily traffic, commuters, pedestrians and cyclists. The simple, yet subtle bicycle parking solution has quite rightly captured the headlines. The recessed parking zones, 40 cm. below street have greatly reduced the visual chaos of 2,500 parked bicycles on any given day. Hopefully, this innovative solution can inspire other public spaces and the challenges of bicycle parking and strengthen Copenhagen’s reputation as a world leader in bicycle culture.The public space surrounding Nørreport Station’s new 6 pavilions is now a homogenous zone, where the bicycle parking zones and the 11 ventilation towers with tailored street furniture serve its daily users in style.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills





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