Mogens Dahl Concert Hall: If Angels Could Sing

cph_mdch_00If angels could sing then they are undoubtedly gathered under the rafters of Mogens Dahl Concert Hall. Situated close to the waterfront in central Copenhagen, Mogens Dahl Concert Hall has been building an impressive reputation, not only for its professional chamber choir, but the aesthectic presence of the venue. Elegantly restored in 2005 by the architects Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda, the former stables, now consist of 3 concert halls that resonate wonderfully with it’s neighbor, Vipp’s head office, with the courtyard providing a perfect scene for outdoor events. The sensitive acoustic design was performed by the acoustic specialist, Jan Voetmann. The founder and driving force behind this project, is the former choirmaster of the Danish National Opera, Mogens Dahl, who has been pioneering Scandinavian choral music and bringing it to an international audience.

Mogens Dahl has also intelligently evolved the concert halls possibilities by inviting personalities from the Danish cultural, political and business community by combining lectures with communal singing. I have enjoyed this unique concept for the last 3 years bringing me a little closer to the personalities that share their ideas, spiced with Denmark’s rich song tradition. Thanks to Mogens Dahl for enriching Copenhagen with such a valuable asset.

cph_mdch_01Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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