Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens: Blissful Sanctuary

cph_botanical_01Nestling comfortably next to Copenhagen’s busiest Metro and train station, Nørreport, the Botanical Gardens invites the city’s residents and visitors to wind down and explore its impressive collection of flora and exotic plants. With 160,000 souls passing through Nørreport on a daily basis, I have always been bemused how few of Copenhagen’s residents have actually visited the grounds and greenhouses of the gardens. The Botanical Gardens are an integral part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen, undertaking valuable research and communicating their knowledge and information.

Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens date back to the early 1600’s albeit at another location. The majestic cast-iron Palm House, was completed in 1874 and the 16 meter high construction does not disappoint. A recent extensive renovation respecting the original layout has successfully focused on creating an environment that is both peaceful, engaging and user-friendly. Much emphasis has been placed on public involvement with frequent classes and events planned for the future. For example this September, poetry has found its way into the flower beds. The Botanical Gardens also provide its visitors with Copenhagen’s inner city with it’s highest point at The Observatory Hill.

For a city that is rapidly developing it’s infrastructure and becoming excitingly, a bustling metropolis, it is comforting to know that Copenhagen still provides its citizens with a blissful sanctuary, such as The Botanical Gardens.

cph_botanical_02Find The Botanical Gardens here:

Getting there: Metro, S-Train and bus to Nørreport Station

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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