Værnedamsvej: Thriving In No-Mans Land

cph_værnedamsvej_01Squeezed between the two boroughs of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Værnedamsvej thrives in no-mans land with its own distinct coolness. A stroll down this tightly packed street on an early Saturday morning with Granola´s café guests consuming espressos and newspapers with gay abandon, you would be forgiven if you thought you had arrived in Marais. The atmosphere in Værnedamsvej is unmistakably Parisian and it has been endearing itself to Copenhagen´s locals for years. The success of the streets charm and energy has other districts from the city looking on enviously. The street layout is so non-Copenhagen, with no bike lanes or traffic structure and yet it works. Last year an attempt by the two boroughs to Copenhagenize Værnedamsvej, thankfully failed, recognizing its uniqueness.

Værnedamsvej endearing quality is its knack of combining an array of interesting niche brands focusing on craftsmanship and personality, such as, DORA, a glorious mix of interior and design to the compact space of Playtype that is both an agency and store celebrating typography.The latest addition to the street’s 40 or so stores, Den Franske Tehandel, fits the local DNA perfectly. The tea merchant’s passionate owners, Christian and Lukas have been supplying the finest of teas to a loyal band of local and international followers for some years and now it seems they have found the perfect location for their unique brand.

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Photo credits:Phillip Mills and Den Franske Tehandel



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