Monthly Archives: September 2015

Mogens Dahl Concert Hall: If Angels Could Sing

If angels could sing then they are undoubtedly gathered under the rafters of Mogens Dahl Concert Hall. Situated close to the waterfront in central Copenhagen, Mogens Dahl Concert Hall has been building an impressive reputation, not only for its professional chamber choir, but the aesthectic presence of the venue. Elegantly restored in 2005 by the architects […]
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Værnedamsvej: Thriving In No-Mans Land

Squeezed between the two boroughs of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Værnedamsvej thrives in no-mans land with its own distinct coolness. A stroll down this tightly packed street on an early Saturday morning with Granola´s café guests consuming espressos and newspapers with gay abandon, you would be forgiven if you thought you had arrived in Marais. The […]
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