Copenhagen´s New Icon: The Circle Bridge

cph_circle_01Copenhagen’s latest contribution to it’s harbor’s bridges, The Circle Bridge, officially opened yesterday to a fanfare fit for kings. This majestic and playful construction harmonizes beautifully with Copenhagen’s maritime tradition and yet it is so much more. The creator of this unique construction, the artist Olafur Eliasson, has provided Copenhagen with not only a passage linking Christiansbro and Applebys Plads, but a bridge designed for social interaction and reflection. It has been a troubled process for the bridge to be completed and the local protests have at times been vociferous, however the reception that The Circle Bridge received from it’s knowledgable residents and adoring tourists indicates that all is forgiven.

Olafur Eliasson’s installations are renowned for their ability to draw and engage with their audience, but undoubtedly The Circle Bridge has taken this to new heights. Intelligent hands and minds, funded by Nordea and supported by Copenhagen’s Municipality have provided Copenhagen’s waterfront with an installation that will rightly attract world wide attention. As the Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen emphasized at the opening, Copenhagen’s identity is, despite its transition, anchored as a harbor and The Circle Bridge confirms this.

I have been fortunate to have crossed the world’s most iconic bridges, from the Golden Gate in San Francisco, to Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Waterloo Bridge with it’s imperious view of London’s skyline, but wandering over Copenhagen’s Circle Bridge’s modest 40 meter span, I felt wonderfully uplifted and enriched.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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