Sydhavn School – Worth The Wait


cph_sydhavn school_00This week, thousands of school children all over Copenhagen are starting a new school year, being re-united with classmates and teachers in tired red-brick institutions, but not in Sydhavnen. Yesterday, Sydhavn School, opened its doors for the first time, welcoming its pupils into a new and dynamic physical experience. In 2006 the architectural office based in Copenhagen, JJW Architects, won an international architectural competition to create a school connecting with its local community on Teglholmen and the maritime location.

The schools´9.500 m² are deployed in two terraced buildings that are wrapped around a green and playful landscape that invites to learning and physical activity. The architects at JJW Architects have skillfully intertwined the school’s harbor location with architectural details, a vessel in its own dockyard. Sydhavn School has interestingly focused on natural science and maritime biology emphasizing the school’s brand. The school’s neighbor, a nursery and sports center adds to the possibilities of this growing neighborhood.

The project has been plagued by a serious fire, which set back the opening by a couple of years. Thankfully, the school has put its troubles behind and offers its pupils and teachers a new and engaging learning environment and the local community have yet another iconic building to be proud of. The journey may have been long and long, but it was worth the wait. The official opening will take place on the 4th. September. Welcome Sydhavn School.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

Read more about Teglholmen and Sluseholmen here: The Architects Behind Teglholmen’s DNA


cph_sydhavn school_01

cph_sydhavn school_02


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