A Bridge Not Too Far

cph_dyssebroen_00Standing on Dyssebroen, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, that connects urban and rural Christiania, I´m looking desperately for Copenhagen’s skyline. The only visible trace of the city’s contour is the twisted spire of one of Copenhagen’s most recognizable landmarks, Our Saviour’s Church. It dawns on me that I have never stood here before. A sense of familiarity and foreign at the sametime. The setting is so rural, fitting for a Turner landscape and yet so urban. The bridge, has two centrally placed half circular benches, inviting visitors to linger and enjoy the view. The trend of “bridge-dwelling” probably was unknowingly initiated right here.

This modest wooden construction was conceived back in the early 1900’s forming an important link for military transport to Copenhagen’s earlier fortifications. It was reconstructed in the 1990´s by German Journeymen after discovering signs of decay. The future of Dyssebroen is somewhat blurred as there are plans to build a new bicycle bridge through Christiania, linking Copenhagen with Amager.

Mingling with other bridge-dwellers, from as far as Minnesota to Freetown Christiania, enjoying the sight of young lovers woo and listening to the chimes from Our Saviour’s Church enthusiastic bell-ringer, I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful setting on this first day of August. Surely there is a place for Dyssebroen in Copenhagen’s future plans or am I a hopeless romantic?

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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