Please Sir, Can I Have Some More

cph_grød_01When Oliver Twist uttered those famous words to Mr. Brumble, ” Please sir, can I have some more,” little did he know how gruel would transform to a nutritional food fit for kings and paupers. Porridge/Grød, has in recent years been taken to new heights in Copenhagen by the young food entrepreneurs, Martin Daniali and Lasse Skjønning Andersen. Their first porridge bar, GRØD, opened in Jægersborggade in Copenhagen in 2011 and recently been joined by a new outlet in the popular market at Torvehallerne. GRØD has undoubtedly found a niche, bringing porridge out on the streets, giving it a new life with an array of seasonal toppings, based naturally on organic products and making it sexy. It was a brave move by Martin and Lasse, which is now paying dividends, providing a healthy affordable food product to a new young and curious audience.

Porridge has been an integral part of my breakfast diet, getting me through those long dark Scandinavian winters, and no trip to Scotland seems complete without take-away porridge at Edinburgh Airport. On a recent trip to London, sitting in Neal´s Yard in Covent Garden, catching a ray of sun, I, by coincidence, discovered 26 Grains and it’s welcoming owner, Alex, who was serving porridge in this new café. Elegantly, she served delicious dishes on a glorious sunny day, defying the notion that porridge can only be enjoyed when there is frost in the air. Alex discovered porridge and its potential as an Erasmus student in Copenhagen, where she enjoyed many bowls of porridge at GRØD in Jægersborrgade. 26 Grains, in this quirky and vibrant location is offering the 44 million tourists that pass through Covent Garden each year, a wonderful food alternative. The future looks bright for Alex and 26 Grains.

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Photo credits: 26 Grains & Phillip Mills





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