Skanör, On Copenhagen’s Doorstep

cph_skanor_00For a couple of glorious days the summer came to Skanör, just as I was beginning to lose hope. On Copenhagen’s doorstep, a hop, skip and jump under and over the Øresund Bridge, followed by a wonderful 30 kilometer bike ride through Southern Sweden’s gentle landscape, is a little gem waiting to be rediscovered. The journey to Skanör from Hyllie takes you through farmland, reminiscent of Norfolk, with well signed bike lanes for most of the route. Having left Copenhagen Central Station around 10 am and 3 hours later after enjoying a tasty lunch on a sun bedecked terrace at Da Aldo’s Café on Mellangatan in Skanör, I noticed the lack of Danish tourist representation in this beautiful location, which left me puzzled.

cph_skanor_02The coastal area of Skanör & Falsterbo, has for years been popular with sailors, kite-surfers and ornithologists, with the northern tip of the peninsular rich in bird life. However, this region has more to offer, especially for us living on the other side of the Øresund. With the growing interest in the nordic kitchen, this corner of Sweden is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance, with the emphasis on local farm produce and of course, seafood. My lodgings in Skanör is the Hotel Gåsslingen, simple and friendly, wonderfully located, with a restaurant that is well worth a visit. What impresses with Skanör is that it can combine an historical setting with hip beach live and living by the sea. Brands on Holiday incapsulates this perfectly, a boutique store that tempts and flirts with quality niche brands and a very orange painted floor, which just puts a smile on your face. Six kilometers down the road in the small town of Höllviken, Märtas Kafé & Butik, mixes a café with a florist & design store in a charming, but well-hidden location.

cph_skanor_03The Øresund Bridge opened 15 years ago, a project that has undoubtedly helped develop this region, with Swedes and Danes daily exchanging destinations for living, work and education. Maybe for us living in Copenhagen, Skanör can offer a welcome getaway and amazingly it is just on our doorstep.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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