Hammers Have: Sharing Helene’s Treasure

cph_hammershave_02Since moving to Sluseholmen 9 years ago, my seasonal challenge was always orchestrating the plants on and around the 6m² I had to my disposal on my balcony. During those years, my aesthetic ambitions were overshadowed by a total lack of knowledge of gardening. But then 6 years ago I heard a rumor from my neighbor, about a garden in Dragør, a few kilometers outside of Copenhagen, that Adam and Eve would have been proud of. Curious and somewhat desperate, I cycled the 11 kilometers east and found Hammers Have and its inspirational owner, Helene Møller. I was not disappointed.

Hammers Have, combines Helene’s private home with a garden that is open to the public looking for something special to highlight their own floral landscape or terrace. Helene started her project 10 years ago by giving herself a birthday present, a VAT number and a star was born. Since then, hundreds of gardeners have benefited, not only from the items beautifully arranged, but also from Helene´s infectious inspirational prowess and a wealth of gardening knowledge. Wandering around Hammers Have with its ancient fruit trees, is not only pleasing for the eye, but calming for the soul. The only thing that is missing from this serene paradise, is a deck-chair with a chilled glass of Sancerre in some secluded corner of the garden beckoning this urban dweller.

On a sun-drenched and steamy Saturday morning, I left Hammers Have, which resembled something rather wonderful from Tuscany, with Chocolate Daisies and Lavender, stacked on my bicycle . Today, my balcony resembles something that I can be proud of, thanks to Hammers Have. cph_hammershave_03




4 thoughts on “Hammers Have: Sharing Helene’s Treasure

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