The Last Clip

2zoner_storOn a Sunday afternoon in September in 1981, I arrived at Copenhagen Central Station for the first time to warm embraces and kisses by my future wife, Jette. She then gave me a gift of a 2 zone, 10 trip ticket, a kind of a welcome to Copenhagen and its public transport system. For 34 years, my main source of criss-crossing this marvelous city has been my bicycle, however a 10 trip ticket card has always been close at hand when the inevitable happens, a flat tyre or the annual hurricane. The 10 trip tickets were introduced to the users of Copenhagen’s public transport system in the mid 1970’s and became an instant success. If the zonal system was and still is a commuters’ nightmare, the 10 trip ticket has always been easy to use. After 40 years of loyal service, the digital and smartphone era has put an end to it’s use and tomorrow, ticket machines in Copenhagen´s buses, S-Trains and Metro will be clipping these cards for the last time.

As much as I acknowledge the efficiency and design of my DOT app, I will miss the sound of that unmistakable clip of my ticket. I have one clip left, should it stay, as some kind of souvenir or should it go? Maybe one final trip on the harbor bus 991 beckons and enjoy what this amazing waterfront can offer. A final salute to my salvation on more than one occassion. Any new visitor, both short or long term to Copenhagen, would be well advised to check-out Visitcopenhagen‘s excellent description of the various possibilities of navigating the city’s public transport system. Bon voyage.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

On board harbor bus 991 admiring the view.


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