Copenhagen´s Street Food Blossoms

cph_streetfood_03Visiting and tasting food from Street kitchens has been an integral part of most travelers’ trips to cities such as London, Bangkok and San Francisco. These metropolises with their vibrant, often mobile kitchens serving hand-crafted and hand-held food, create a close dialogue with the food entrepreneur and their customers. Copenhagen, so rightly renowned for it’s gourmet chefs and restaurants, has at long last tapped in to this street food culture. For generations, the hot-dog stand, was and is, in many local eyes, the only worthy street food in Copenhagen. However, on the waterfront, in a disused warehouse, Papirøen, that not so long ago distributed Denmark’s national newspapers, Copenhagen Street Food has transformed this area into a bustling island of creative souls producing hand-made food from spicy South Korean gourmet snacks to The Devils Lax from Berlin.

The Association Copenhagen Street Food is not only behind this rejuvenation of this dynamic food culture, but also dedicated to the conservation of the Red Danish dairy cow a pedigree of cattle famous in this region. The ambitions of Copenhagen Street Food to create a diverse, sustainable, low-budget and visual culinary experience have struck a chord with local and international visitors. The project also provides a stage for food entrepreneurs to create and present dishes that many customers are not familiar with. Visit Copenhagen Street Food, grab something from Latienda, a Colombian vegetarian stall, sink into a deck chair outside and enjoy the view of the Royal Theatre. Check out Copenhagen Street Food’s opening hours and location here.

This summer, another street food organization popped up in Copenhagen’s urban landscape creating positive food and cultural experiences for local residents and tourists alike, which started on the waterfront at Islands Brygge last weekend. The visionaries behind Rebel Food, are no strangers to entrepreneurship. Frederik Aske Sønksen, Ingrid Kofoed and Peter Aalbæk Jensen are well known for their cultural engagement and passion for food. Rebel Food will bring its’ brand of culinary joy, to a range of Copenhagen’s venues until the end of September 2015. See Rebel Food´s calendar and locations here.

At a time when cultural diversity in Copenhagen is under pressure, I hope Copenhagen’s fun-loving residents and eager tourists discover these two projects. Take a bow Copenhagen Street Food & Rebel Food.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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