The Architects Behind Teglholmen’s DNA


Almost weekly, groups of traveling architects and urban planners from all over the world, flock to Sluseholmen and Teglholmen, to register it’s transition into one of Copenhagen´s most attractive residential and commercial neighborhoods. No doubt, Sluseholmen attracts most of the attention, however, Teglholmen, with it’s mix of commercial & media domiciles, schools and residential properties, is currently expanding it’s repertoire, with the near completion of a student residence, Støberiet/The Foundry. TDC Pensionfund is behind this project, which is built on the former grounds of a B&W foundry that manufactured ship parts, hence the name. This summer, the keys to 216 student and 9 handicap-friendly accommodations, will be handed over to Teglholmen’s new residents, relieving the burden students face each year in Copenhagen of finding accommodation.

The architects behind this sympathetic project, the Copenhagen-based, Design Group Architects are no strangers to this neighborhood. Indeed, Teglholmen has their DNA firmly engraved in this corner of Sydhavnen. Within an amazingly short radius, Design Group Architects have been actively involved in projects such as, the domicile originally for the Aston IT Group, which today houses the Danish public service station, TV2. In 2007, their innovative facade approach to the Zeta Car Park, brought them into the limelight, which was soon followed by Teglholms Have, a 142 apartment complex to the extension to TDC One’s domicile. These projects reflect Design Group Architects’ experience in working with a wide range of architectural disciplines. The latest positive addition to Teglholmen, The Foundry, with it’s slate-clad facades, injects diversity into the neighborhood.

Local residents in Sydhavnen are following intensely the renovation of the earlier steel plate warehouse in Teglholmen, into an Italian food temple and the future home to Supermarco and Ello Foods. The architects behind the development and transformation of this 1.000m² neoclassical building are of course, Design Group Architects. The expected opening: 1st. November, 2015.


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