Under Copenhagen

copenhagen_under cph 02

On the face of it, it probably was a bizarre decision descending from a glorious sun- bedecked Copenhagen with a sky so blue, into Denmark’s only dripstone cave, The Cisterns. This unique 4.320 square meter underground space, located under the center of Søndermarken Park, has long been on my to-do list, since it opened to the public in 2001. However, the visual and acoustic experience of roaming this melancholic subterranean reservoir seemed heightened after the intensity of light from Copenhagen’s first summer day. Today, The Cisterns are a vital part of Frederiksberg Museums, providing a wonderful unique exhibition space. Since March this year, the Swedish-Danish sculptor, Ingvar Cronhammer, in collaboration with the Danish musician and composer, Martin Hall, have conceived an ambitious installation, baptized “H”,  that takes us on a journey into the bowels of Frederiksberg Hill.

Cronhammer, is famed for his monumental works and I doubt there is another artist that could have utilized The Cisterns so exquisitely well, as this formidable sculptor. The installation links a historical reference, when The Cisterns provided 16 million liters of clean water to the citizens of Copenhagen, to somewhere beyond time, something hidden and sacred. Cronhammer’s columns of cascading water collide with Martin Hall´s tones of a tender choir boy, which simply refines the experience.

I returned to the luscious green park of Søndermarken, feeling strangely uplifted. “H” was not only an excursion into something dark and search full, but a wonderful reminder how delicate life actually is.

“H” can be experienced until the 29th. November, 2015.

copenhagen_H_00Photos credits : Christina Capetillo, Joan Rosenmunthe and Phillip Mills

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