Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Last Clip

On a Sunday afternoon in September in 1981, I arrived at Copenhagen Central Station for the first time to warm embraces and kisses by my future wife, Jette. She then gave me a gift of a 2 zone, 10 trip ticket, a kind of a welcome to Copenhagen and its public transport system. For 34 years, […]
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Copenhagen: SURFACE

  I’ve always had an ambiguous and uneasy relationship with street art cum graffiti. My emotions range from rage for it’s destructive and threatening karma in public spaces to mild acknowledgment for transforming many urban wastelands into an expressive canvas. I was somewhat torn about visiting DGI-byen’s latest and ambitious photo exhibition, SURFACE, but I’m glad I […]
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Cut From The Same Cloth

The humming sound of my wife’s Bernina sowing machine has been a constant companion as long as I can remember. An accomplished seamstress, Jette has for years been replenishing my wardrobe with an array of classics. Not so long ago, she introduced me to her source of fabrics, Hvidberg Vintage hidden in  Copenhagen’s inner city. […]
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