To Market, To Market


An endearing feature to my stay in San Francisco was undoubtedly the concept of “Farm to Table” everywhere in the city. The concept of providing fresh organic vegetables and fruits, plucked from the ground, bush and tree to San Francisco’s restaurants and markets is not new. Since the 1970’s, local farmers in the Sacramento River Delta have been moving their goods directly to plates in the Bay areas finest restaurants within 48 hours. A wonderful way of being introduced to these diverse produce, is a visit to one of San Francisco’s iconic buildings on a Saturday morning. The Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, is home to a triweekly ongoing event, The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, which since 1993 has been serving San Francisco’s curious urban dwellers a healthy insight to the farmland around them and a responsible, sustainable food culture. Roam the stands and taste as you go. Inside the building, The Frog Hollow Farm Café, serves a delicious avocado toastie, hugely popular, which captures the essence of Californian eating, simple and fresh. Hopefully, Copenhagen’s own Food and Market which recently opened in the meat-packing district can blossom as much as The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. In another part of the city, on Market St. the newly opened food and gourmet emporium, The Market is attracting a lot of local and international attention. The Market is housed in the impressive Twitter building and invites the customer to dwell before indulging. A spacious layout with an elegant merchandize presentation is complimented with local brands, such as EO that produce essential organic oils again crafted locally. The company, started in true Californian style, in a garage back in the 1990´s. EO blends wonderfully well in the layout. The Market also houses several eateries, encircling a long bar, a vibrant meeting point. Just order your “Nettles in the Woods” pizza, find a seat at the bar, order something dry from Napa, mingle with the guys and gals from Twitter and wait for the best pizza on the planet. The Market in some ways reminded me of our own Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, which since 2011 as against all odds, has given the city a new retail and gourmet experience. To market, to market.


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