A Taste of Summer


We are rapidly approaching the season of discontent. My colleague, Laila, fervently proclaims that the ice cream from her local parlor, Ismageriet in Copenhagen, has no equal anywhere. I have equally defended the bragging rights of Cream O’ Galloway’s delicious sticky toffee ice cream. In recent years, Copenhagen has seen a healthy growth in high quality local artisan products such as, micro-beers, organic baked goods, handcrafted chocolates and ice cream. Ismageriet has been producing Copenhagen’s finest ice cream since 2005, using local berries and organic milk from Osted Dairy. The parlor’s interiors are also worth a visit despite it’s curious location. Originally a bakery, the style is profoundly retro, a throwback to a childhood back in the 1950’s, when the summers were steamy eased by a scoop of the creamiest ice creams.

For three or more generations, the Finlay family have been producing Scotland’s finest dairy products at Rainton in Galloway. Since the early 1990’s, the Cream O’ Galloway launched it’s organic ice cream with milk teased from what must the happiest cows in the UK. My mother’s freezer was constantly stocked and a passionate ambassador. Marketing of these brands naturally lean to a time gone by, however, in San Francisco, my base the last few days, I discovered an interesting alternative in the up and coming neighborhood of Dogpatch. Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, the creative forces behind Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous have approached the art of producing ice cream from a different perspective, hand crafted scoops designed for another audience. The menu reads like a cocktail list with Bourbon & Caramel, Honeywine and Pink Squirrels leading the way. The engaging couple behind Mr.& Mrs. Miscellaneous have tempered it’s selection of ice creams to cater for those under 18. And on a chilly grey Sunday in Dogpatch their charming ice cream parlor was constantly full. Enjoy your own scoop this summer.

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  2. Hi Annie.
    Good to hear you had a good fair. The queues at your stall made it impossible to taste your tablets. I will be in my beloved Galloway later this year maybe I can discover your fudge there. Best Phillip

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