Vipp: A Retail Space With A Conscience


Walking into the Vipp Concept Store in Copenhagen, on the first Saturday in April, it felt that Spring had truly arrived. The spacious showroom was already gathering a handful of inquisitive shoppers who were warmly greeted and masterly orchestrated by our store host, the charismatic  Jette Egelund. Within seconds, Jette took us on a Vipp journey, from the highly recognizable pedal bin, high quality interior accessories, to a fully operational kitchen and now the latest addition, the Vipp shelter. Our host beamed and rightly so.

The Vipp story, has it´s footprint back in the 1930´s where Holger Nielsen, Jette´s father, manufactured the first pedal bin for his wife´s hairdressing salon. The first generation of Vipp products had their roots focused on mechanical engineering, craftsmanship, functionality and industrial materials such as, stainless steel and enamel, resonating with my own design heritage, the golden age of British industrial design from the 1920´s and 30´s. The design team, based in Copenhagen, led by Morten Bo Jensen, has wisely built on the Vipp DNA ensuring a timeless design and visual identity. The 3rd. generation of Egelunds, Kasper and Sofie, have now joined Jette at the helm, engaging the Vipp brand with a global audience, especially in the USA, with a showroom already established in Tribeca, in Lower Manhattan.

copnehagen_vipp_01Wandering around the 150 m² showroom, in this charming listed building, it was apparent that there was a close infinity with the product, regardless of scale, and the physical retail space, making it a worthy visit for any interior retail designer planning a trip to Copenhagen. The Vipp Concept Store is located on Ny Østergade 34


The Vipp Kitchen will be in action on the 6th. May, 11:00 – 22:00, at Nørreport St. in central Copenhagen, as the company, in collaboration with Wokshop and the Red Cross will be serving up Thai specialities, for charity. All proceeds will be going to a worthy cause at the Red Cross. 


Photo credits: Vipp and Phillip Mills

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