Copenhagen: On The Trail Again

copenhagen_trail_03Half way through March and Copenhagen’s parks and pathways around the harbor are calling their Spring lament, enticing that growing global tribe, the urban runner. My own trainers have miraculously found their own way to a visible corner of my apartment and it is only a matter of time before we are re-united. If not walking or cycling around Copenhagen’s waterfront, then usually I´m off on a run. My marathon days are long gone, left with proud memories, wobbly knees and a best time on the wrong side of 4 hours, however it was the time spent on training around the South Harbor area that I discovered what a wonderful terrain this part of Copenhagen has to offer. Kilometer after kilometer of uninterrupted tracks and pathways accompanied only by your own thoughts. With the development of Sluseholmen, Teglholmen and Islands Brygge in recent years, this area has become an Eldorado for urban runners, where a run can be interrupted by a startled pheasant as you hear the chimes from the Town Hall’s Square. With the influx of 1.000 of new residents to the city every month, Copenhagen’s inner city running routes are rapidly filling up, so the pathways in the southern parts of the city, especially around Amagerfælled and Kalvebod Fælled, are a welcome addition.

Since 2011, Running Copenhagen has been providing running tours of the city, combining exercise with  sight-seeing. The concept developed by Lena Andersson, provides an innovative way of exploring the city and meeting people with local knowledge. So whether you are a tourist or on a business trip and are on a tight time schedule, then Running Copenhagen is an excellent way of discovering the city’s urban landscape.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills


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