NN07: A Home To Be Proud Of

copenhagen_nn07_00In 2007, a block in the heart of Copenhagen, reverently known as Berlingske Karré, began its transformation. The block is home to the Danish media company, Belingske Media that boasts of a handful of national newspapers, including one of the world´s oldest, Berlingske Tidende. At street level, the block hosts an impressive array of international brands that have contributed to the development of  the area. The surrounding streets of Sværtegade, Pilestræde, Antonigade and Gl. Mønt have been rejuvenated by this influx and mix of global and local brands.

One of the latest to join this merry band is the Scandinavian brand for menswear, NN07, the brainchild of Victor Lindh and Ulrik Pedersen. The NN07 fashion concept provides well crafted clothes for men that have an eye for detail and materials. Aesthetically, it is obvious that Victor and Ulrik have reaped inspiration from Japan, which harmonizes perfectly with their nordic background. Another sympathetic element to this brand is that it appeals to all urban dwellers of all ages. NN07’s garments have been hanging on racks in Copenhagen for some years, but last October they opened their own doors to their flagship store on Gl Mønt 7 and what a luscious retail space awaits you.

My first impression on entering the store was not just the 250m² of uncluttered space or even the 6m from floor to ceiling, which is highly uncommon in Copenhagen, but it was the warmth and use of the materials that engaged me. It soon became apparent, that Københavns Møbelsnedekeri trademark was firmly and professionally planted over every square millimeter. Smoked oak, brass and marble entwined, framing NN07’s garments wonderfully well. The interior concept with customized furniture fittings kept the floor layout simple, making for an enjoyable journey for the customer to navigate, a trend that I have noticed from recent trips to Berlin. As my NN07 store host, Jeppe, had finally shown me proudly each and every detail, I was truly impressed how NN07 and Københavns Møbelsnedkeri had captured that difficult balance between the sophisticated and informal and have created a home to be proud of.

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