A Snake that Bikes


As we wait patiently for the completion of another unique waterfront construction, The Circle Bridge, designed by the Icelandic and Danish artist, Olafur Eliasson, we can ponder and marvel at how Copenhagen’s cyclists have taken to the harbor’s latest innovative project, The Bicycle Snake. Before the opening this ingenious link between two of Copenhagen’s thriving districts Vesterbro and Islands Brygge, 6 months ago, cyclists were hindered by a clumsy and static infrastructure. The initiative by the Municipality of Copenhagen to connect Vesterbro to Amager via The Brygge Bridge was truly inspired.

The architectural office behind the project was DISSING+WEITLING architecture, internationally renowned for their expertise in designing distinctive bridges. It may be that The Bicycle Snake is on another scale compared with other of their projects, but the WOW factor from it’s thousands of daily users, cannot be denied. The bridge hovers 7 meters above the water, weaving it’s elegant 230 meters way over parts of the harbor, providing exhilarating views of Copenhagen’s waterfront. It´s vibrant surface, a quartz sand dyed orange, provides cyclists not only with strong visual connection, but a safe non-skid lane to bike on. As the bicycle community grows in Copenhagen, over 40% of the city’s population use a bike daily, innovative infrastructure schemes like The Bicycle Snake makes so much sense functionally and economically.

On the day before the grand-opening, I was allowed a sneak preview and ride on this virgin surface, my smile was as broad as the harbor itself. For you dear visitors coming to Copenhagen, don´t deny yourself this experience. Rent a bike at Baisikeli bike rental, a stones throw from the bridge.

A final mention to the danish photographer, Rasmus Hjortshøj who captured The Bicycle Bridge´s lightness and elegance wonderfully in the images provided. His works focusing on Copenhagen´s architectural and urban landscapes are well worth a visit: www.coastarc.com


Photo credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COASTSTUDIO



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